The Turning

Sixteen year old Ben Larsson is angry. His mother is dead. His estranged father has dragged him to England, hoping that a fresh start in a new country will repair their damaged relationship. Ben is determined that this will never happen.

Then Ben’s life is consumed by unexplained events. A complete stranger attacks him. The school outcast follows him around like a stray puppy. He finds a twig image of himself on his doorstep. What is happening? Who or what is behind this?

Meanwhile, an ancient force is luring Ben into the woods nearby. Will the knowledge he finds there bring back order into his life or complicate it in ways unimaginable?

“This compelling and fascinating fantasy is filled with thought-provoking vocabulary and wildly imaginative description.”
School Library Journal – July 2005, Starred Review

Kids Can Press 2005
ISBN: 1-55337-576-9 (pbk)
ISBN: 1-55337-575-0 (bound)